How to choose good shampoo/conditioner? I’m so confused?
Why we always recommend Redken , matrix, trassame, pureology ? They are very expensive except Trassame

Our answer to these questions: We work on freelance basis, we do not focus on retail or work with any company. We used to think same way until this blogger went to beauty school and did her own research, experience and feed back from clients. Of course we all are confused specially Asian (Indian populace) because we like to follow our tradition and culture from our background and childhood which was very good. I mean to say we all like products that has some kind of words on the bottle such as Coconut oil, Amla oil, Natural, organic etc but all we have to say is that these are companies advertisement gimmics.

These ingredients are added according to hair texture need and other medical conditions. First ingredient should be the water (Aqua) in your shampoo and laureates sulphates or other plants and seed oil extracts or Shea butter depends how much % in there) If any shampoo doesn’t have ingredients on it unless it’s very popular professional hair care please don’t try outs – side effects will be major hair fall and natural color will fade . Please don’t be fooled with the attractive names in the market and try out different stuff. You don’t need to believe us, please use your own sound judgement. We hope it helps everyone otherwise we can recommend according to your hair if needed.