Bring your Natural Beauty Back to Life:

FAQ- is it safe to do makeup? How do I find correct shade so it looks natural?why foundation on my face looks caky?

Our answer:
Yes it’s safe to do makeup as long it stays up to 6 to 8 hours.
Look for less formaldehyde and better makeup according to your budget instead of buying 100 shades and then they r not working for you.

1) Always apply moisturizer and wait 3 minutes before makeup .
2) Never ever sleep with makeup – side effects (clogged pores, skin aging)
3) Use concealer, primers as a base.use sponge or brushes for application .
4 ) If you are the person who use makeup everyday- exfoliate face 2-3 times with mineral scrub and apply face mask as needed to repair. Follow with moisturizer.
5) Use instant repair from Olay for eye bags before the concealer.
6)if you new to makeup – talk to expert about your requirements means fair skin tone can go for 1 level darker and complexion honey skin stay same shade for foundation. If you don’t tell them. They will give you 1 to 2 shades darker because beauty industry works like that.

We hope it helps ??????– look good feel good!