Beliefs about Hair, Nails & Skin

Very important info to share with everyone: we all think same and in different belief systems about hair, nails, skin and body.
Our answer is 100% based on science, proven, research and my own experience in this industry.

Please read carefully :
Myth and FAQ: I m loosing lots of hair and it’s not coming back: really worried ?
Answer: Do not take stress about it, we want our hair to fall out so new fully keratinized (protein) strong and healthy hair could come out.

Hair follicle is genetically programmed through 3 phases for everyone:
ANAGEN (growth)
TELOGEN (transitional)
CATAGEN (resting/fall).

Time period- from 6 weeks to 2 years, so do not worry it’s totally ok to color, blow dry, flat iron, curling and styling products .

Major cause of damage:
1) Be gentle and slow down while brushing, styling. No tight ponytails,
2) Use better shampoo/ conditioner if your budget allows.
3) Trim dry ends very often otherwise hair get pulled out from scalp.
4) Use heat protector before using any equipment .
5) If you shampooing hair more than twice ….it has to be sulphate, paraben, lead free. Otherwise huge fall in long term.
6) Massage hair with sesame or olive oil – mix with almond oil to Improve the blood circulation before shampoo. It doesn’t do anything to your hair other than this.

Information for evryone who doesn’t know : We have our Asian clients are so scared to color their hair and so many myths about making changes in their routine hair and skin. Like

FAQ- My hair are falling a lot ?
Answer: Hair is continually shed and renewed by the alternating cycle of growth, rest, fallout, and renewed growth. Each follicle follows this cycle independently of others, so the total number of hairs normally remains consistent. On average 100 to 350 hairs are shed per day. This does sound a lot but when you consider the total number of follicles on your scalp is around 150,000 – 300000.

We hope it helps everyone.