Q. How to get rid of frizziness and dryness of hair?
Weather and health conditions affects hair condition a lot and family history also but now a days we can get rid of these problems. your hair frame your face and overall look.

a) First of all air- drying your hair after shampoo gets lots of frizz and its hard to style .
b) Try to use leave in conditioner and give little heat with dryer for smoothness and then use any conditioning serum or shine serum .
c) Lots of people think that heat and products will damage their hair and are using baby oil for conditioning but actually its not true. All professional products are made with good ingredients.
d) Hot oil or sesame oil massage is good to stimulate your circulation but only before shampoo because scalp oil glands starts producing natural oil within few hours after shampoo.

Do not use oil for dandruff. Before shampoo brush the scalp upwards and then use dandruff treatment or dandruff shampoo twice a week. Any shampoo with extract of Melaleuca is good one or redken dandruff shampoo.
For conditioning- shine serum from RUSK, shine serum from Redken or styler & serum from Paul Mitchell are the best one according to our knowledge. This does not mean all other products are bad for hair. everything is not good for everybody. Better products better results.