How to do home maintenance for my face & skin?
Health & beauty are related to each other. Here are some helpful tips according to my best of our knowledge.

Balanced mind, body, spirit if its possible even though life is very busy.
Spend at least 15 minutes on yourself daily.
Stress affects hair and skin a lot. It is main cause of hair fall, tired & dull skin.
Enough water, healthy diet and regular maintenance and use sunscreen even in Winter.
Try to get facial for deep cleansing and scalp treatment for hair to nourish and stimulate the cells every 4 to 6 weeks.
You will see the difference in three treatments.
Try to use facial scrub twice a week for healthy cells.
Glycolic wash 7 % helps to regenerate healthy cells but not for daily use, only three times a week at night.
Don’t forget to wash your face at night.
Use toner to balance your skin PH and moisturize with night creme.
Must use eye creme or eye lift serum at night. eyes are the first part to gets wrinkles if your skin is dry.
Selleca solution critical care eye cream is very good for puffinss and dark circles.
Always moisturize in outward strokes and your eyebrow bone also.

Always choose the best products, try not to change products again and again if you are not sure about ingredients. Some products can have severe allergic reactions and adverse affect on your hair & face . Its better to consult a professional. One product may work for one person and may not work for other.